Chrysalis: A Journal of TLA Welcomes Your Creations Now!

UntitledChrysalis: The Journal of Transformative Language Arts is seeking submissions for its third annual issue with a deadline of April 1, 2016. Examples of submissions include, but are not limited to, written pieces that fall into the categories:

Editor Amber Ellis in action with some of her family

Amber Ellis in action with some of her family

  • Creative piece (like poetry, a chapter or introduction of a longer book, or a play) and an accompanying process paper (a few pages about how the writing of this piece was transformative to the author or to the community at large);
  • A narrative account of TLA out in the world (like a review of an open mic you hosted, or a writing workshop you ran, or an account of working with a group of teens using slam poetry, or traveling around the world singing political and philosophical songs);
  • Or a theoretical essay expanding or zeroing in on

For the first time, we are thrilled to announce that we will be taking video clips and MP3 submissions (like spoken word videos, songs, storytelling on stage) that will fall into the creative piece category. These should be accompanied by a process paper as well.


Editors Sandy Henneberger and Lisa McIvor

Finally, we also seek a book review of a newly published (within the past 5 years) book having to do with the art of using language for transformative purposes (which could be a book about writing, public performance, workshop facilitation, a singer-songwriter memoir, etc).

Chrysalis is edited by Amber Ellis, Lisa McIvor, and Sandy Henneberger with help from Sarah Williams-Devereux and many other TLAers. If you’d like to volunteer to be a reader for the journal, please email Amber at


About Our Editors:
Amber Ellis is a graduate of Goddard’s IMA-TLA program, an avid reader, the managing editor of Chrysalis journal, facilitates writing workshops for seniors, teaches reading and writing to children, and is the mother of four raucous, book-loving children. She still writes mornings, sometimes only one sentence a day, but persists! Dreams of publishing the three books-in-progress keep her going, and she actively participates in the Writing Mothers’ Workshop, which she created as a part of her TLA practicum over four years ago. The workshop fulfills her vision of public outreach for mothers (therefore breaking down cultural barriers to community building and connection, eliminating isolating feelings) by hosting a series of Mothers’ Open Mic (M.O.M.) events in the North Shore of Boston, by mothers, for mothers. This type of open, public sharing of voice and celebrating mothers’ special role and place in American society is a highlight in her life. Otherwise, Amber might go crazy from child-rearing.


Lisa McIvor is a poet from Washington State and received her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in 2011. She went on to earn her MA in Transformative Language Arts from Goddard in 2014. Lisa has been a home health nurse for the past thirty years with Provail, formerly known as United Cerebral Palsy Association, and has facilitated a writer’s circle for individuals living with the challenges of cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury with Provail’s art program, Artistry Incorporated, for the past four years. The participants in this workshop have composed two books of poetry and have performed their work at an open mic with the use of assistive technology at Provail’s annual art show. Lisa continues writing her own poetry which has been published in literary journals including Hurricane Alice, Red Hawk Review, Bellowing Ark and The Madison Review. Her first chapbook of poems, How the Sky Became a Child, has been accepted by Tebot Bach for publication for publication later this year. She has also begun collaborating with her writing partner, Rob DiLillo, a teacher and writing coach, in the writing of a mystery novel that takes place in the San Juan Islands. This will be her second year in co-editing the TLA Network’s Chrysalis Journal. She lives in Seattle and shares a home with her father and her cat, Lily.

Sandy Henneberger is a poet and writer who also serves on the TLA Network Council.  A former teacher of college level writing and English classes, Sandy is a writer and Speech Therapist.   Several years ago, she attended healing and writing classes in a local hospital, and her life changed again.  She graduated from Goddard’s IMA-TLA program in 2014 and is an editor of Chrysalis Journal.   Currently she is working on publishing a chapbook of poems, and also working on a novel.
Deadline for submission to Chrysalis Journal is April 1, 2016 for publication September 2016

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