One City One Prompt


What Is One City One Prompt?

One City One Prompt is an event designed to connect us and draw attention to changing the world with words. Through a “dynamic series of writing, performance, activist and community building events held across the globe, people gather to write, tell stories, perform, or discuss a common theme.” One City One Prompt cultivates a greater sense of purpose and engagement within our own communities and the the courage to share our words with others in order to transform the world around us.

Check out some previous years’ events here and here and here

This Year’s Theme: Amplify

This year, the topic of OCOP is “Amplify”. When I think of “Amplify”, I imagine the power of our voices, when spoken together. The sound of many verses the sound of one. The possibilities we can cultivate when we speak up and let our voices be heard. How we can bring that power to our communities and uncover what needs to be seen. How we can expand and increase the vibration of our intentions. What do you think about when you think of the word “Amplify”?

Where & When does OCOP happen?

March 1 – May 31, 2017. Events are hosted all over the world! Find a list of scheduled events here and check back for updates. 

Can I be a OCOP host?

YES! If you have the vision and inspiration to host a OCOP event, the Transformative Language Arts Network will support you with promotional materials, ideas for topics, and other encouragement. You get to decide how you want to bring people together and riff off the theme. Find out how to host a OCOP event here. 

If you do host an event, please take photos and videos of the event (with participants’ permission, of course), post it on the OCOP Facebook page and send it to us so we can see what everyone has been doing to Amplify their communities!

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