Mortified: Share the Shame


In 2002 the discovery of an unsent teenage love letter resulted in a call for individuals to share their own childhood writings on stage for an audience…and Mortified was born.

Mortified’s motto is “There are a million stories buried in the pages of people’s lives. Our mission is to help people find them.” and for over a decade they have been doing just that-providing a public space for people to reflect on their adolescent hopes, dreams and dramas. From podcasts to documentaries to books to ongoing live performances, Mortified events invite us all to share our most vulnerable selves during the most insecure times of our lives. Participants in Mortified live performances come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations, but the common link of teenage embarrassment becomes the single relatable thread that binds us all in knowledge that we all survived even the most confusing and harrowing experiences of adolescence.
Mortified currently has chapters in Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC/Baltimore, Denver, LA, NYC, Portland, the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad in Amsterdam, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Malmo, Oslo, Paris, and Trondheim. Anyone is welcome to submit their own teenage horror stories to perform in their live events, so “dust off that old diary and unearth those letters” and feel Mortified.

To find out more about Mortified, to host an event, or to listen to their podcast, visit their website at




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