Spotlight on the Teachers: Kelly DuMar, Kimberly Lee, Marianela Medrano & Renu Thomas

Clockwise from upper left: TLA Network fall teachers Kelly DuMar, Kimberly Lee, Renu Thomas, and Marianela Medrano

This fall’s classes include four of exceptional quality and strength, and more are in the works. Don’t miss our annual Summer Sale of 20% off all classes, now through August 15! 

Kelly DuMar (@kellydumar) is offering her Memoir as Monologue class, which includes the rare opportunity to see each participant’s monologue performed by trained actors at an online performance. A longtime supporter of our work, Kelly has recently rejoined the board as part of our leadership team. Her care, attention-to-detail, and dedication to fine teaching are a rare and special set of gifts, and we are lucky to have her engaged in leading this organization, and teaching for us again. 

New-to-the-Network teacher, Kimberly Lee (@klcreatix), is offering an exciting opportunity to take a deep dive into reconfiguring the concept of the hero’s journey. An attorney-turned-facilitator/editor/writer, Kimberly brings thoughtful, generous, and expansive perspectives to her roles as Network board member and workshop leader. Read her recent blog post about her class here. We are thrilled to offer this exciting new class, and welcome Kimberly to the heart of our TLA community.

Renu Thomas is new to teaching for the Network, hails from India, and has spent much of her adult life in Dubai. She combines a deep knowledge of west-African, south-, and west-Asian cultures, and brings significant professional experience as an art psychotherapist and facilitator to her role on the Network’s board, and to our teaching and learning community. Don’t miss finding a spot in her brand-new class, Identity and Belonging, as it is filling quickly!

We are so lucky to have poet, therapist and community activist Marianela Medrano (@palabracounseling) offering Pathways to Wholeness to our community again this fall. Students love this class, and we are excited to provide the chance for more people to learn from this incredibly talented and brilliant change agent. Marianela recently wrote a bilingual book of poetry titled, Journeys/Viajes, and is completing a new non-fiction book, Pathways to Wholeness: Mindful Writing Toward Momentous Leaps of Meaning.

Take advantage of our Summer Sale, available now through August 15, and take 20% off the regular registration fee for any of these wonderful classes.

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