Tell Your Story on Intentional Radio

The-Courage-to-Change-300x99In 2006 my husband ended our seven-year partnership over the phone. From another country. We’d been living in Qatar, where I remained for another year, too flattened to move forward, but well aware I had to. For one thing, in that conservative Muslim country, dating is illegal. (Yes, even for the expats.) Yet moving on required a kind of courage I only got from other people, sharing their stories of moving past trauma. So I wrote a book, Hello American Lady Creature (Greenpoint Press, May 31, 2014), and started doing a radio show to help others — like you! — share their stories.
Every week I host “The Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner,” a half-hour show broadcast on Intention Radio that harnesses the power of storytelling to help people find the courage to keep moving on. I’ve had guests ranging from Tosha Silver (author of Outrageous Openness) to Ophira Eisenberg (author of Screw Everyone and NPR host), to regular “average” folks, all sharing their stories to inspire listeners, help make the load a little lighter.
Have you got a personal story you’d like to share?
You’re here because you tell stories. I’d love to feature you as a guest. It’s a fact: storytellers make the best guests! To see if we have a fit, I need your 100-word or less bio, and three sentence outline of your transformation story. What you were like before, what happened, and what you are like now. Specifics are better than observations. “I hated everyone at work, now I love them,” I get. But, “I was called into HR to be fired. I started long distance running and learned how to put my obsessive energies into other things. Now I run the team.” is better! Email me at, use the subject line “Courage to Change Interview Pitch.”
During the half-hour, you’ll get a five-minute block to tell your story. I’ll also need a pic before we schedule our interview. The show is pre-recorded “live” over Skype, no takes! But also, audio only. No fuss with hair and makeup.
I ask guests to participate in a live Twitter chat after the show airs to engage audiences in their story.

“The Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner” is a weekly half-hour show,  When you schedule I’ll need the short bio (one paragraph) you’d like me to read and use for promo, an ebook version of your book, and your picture. In the 1/2 hour you get a 5-minute block to read something you’ve written that’s tied to your story. I’ll need that, too.

We “pre-record live” (no takes) over Skype voice.

I can’t wait to hear your story, so email me already!
~ Lisa L. Kirchner
t: @lisakirchner