Call For Submissions

Greetings Everyone!

    It is a joy and pleasure to be one of your new Editors and I am ecstatic to be a part of this blog and the expanding world of TLA. Since I was a teenager, I used spoken word poetry as a way to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions with audiences, discovering new depths to my own journey of personal transformation and connection with others. I became aware of TLA in college while pursuing a degree in Art Therapy, and changed my major to TLA in order to use my creative intentions to uplift and inspire my community through the spoken word. I am delighted to connect with others in the TLA network and beyond to continue to promote healing, self expression and transformation, and I am so grateful to Caleb and the entire TLA network for their continued support and passion to change the world through words.

-Melissa Rose

The TLA Blog is seeking new submissions!

Whether you are a TLA practitioner or someone who uses TLA in your personal self care practice, we are interested in getting a “window” into your experience. This will assist all of us in the TLA network and give new insight to the possibilities of TLA in our communities and our own paths of transformation.

If you are a TLA practitioner who can offer some perspective to how you have used TLA in your work with others, we want to hear about it!

If you have your own personal TLA practice and have used spoken, sung or written word to transform yourself and your experiences, we are interested in hearing your story.

If you have taken, attended or facilitated a TLA class or workshop and can tell us how that has inspired you, or a give others an insight to how that class or workshop has benefited or ignited your own TLA practice, we are excited to hear about your experience.

No matter the circumstance, we are very interested in what you are doing with your TLA practice. How your work has affected you and/or your community and how it has empowered you to transform your life.

Please send us your submissions here  or email tlablog (dot) submissions (at) gmail (dot) com

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